Real Estate

Michael Hunter & Partners is one of Israel's premier offices for legal real estate services. Our firm’s real estate department offers wide ranging experience and expertise representing our clients in complex and varied real estate projects, including representing contractors, private developers, purchase groups and financial corporations and, of course, in the representation of our private clients for all their real estate investments. Israel's dynamic real estate sector is filled with opportunities for corporations, contractors and private investors alike. At Michael Hunter & Partners Law Office, we provide our clients with cutting-edge legal advice that allows them to execute their real estate activities in the best and most efficient manner possible given Israel’s unique real estate legal framework. Our firm accompanies its clients from the stage of due diligence and acquisition, through the taxation procedures, receiving the right financing, the conclusion of agreements with various entities required (including consultants, contractors and financial institutions), representation with respect to sale agreements to third parties and up to the final registration of the property. The members of our real estate department are experienced in representing commercial companies and private entities in different sectors of real estate transactions, including residential property, commercial property, rentals, offices and agricultural property.

Our legal real estate services include:

  • Commercial real estate

    Legal representation of clients involved in business transactions pertaining to commercial properties

  • Contractor and Developer consultation and representation

    End-to-end legal consultation and representation of contractors and developers involved in large, complex housing and construction projects, the purchase of sites for offices, residential and commercial purposes and the purchase and sale of income generating real estate assets

  • Urban Renewal Projects

    Ongoing consultation and representation of entrepreneurs and apartment owners involved in "Pinuy – Binuy" projects and National Outline Plan 38 ("Tama 38" projects) as amended

  • Real Estate taxation consulting

    Tax consultancy pertaining to real estate investments and transactions

  • Combination Transactions

    Ongoing consultation and representation of entrepreneurs and apartment owners involved in Combination Transactions

  • Purchase Groups

    Ongoing consultation and legal representation of purchase groups and the organizers involved in the formation of Purchase Groups

  • Rental and Lease Agreements

    Legal representation of clients involved in lease agreements of all kinds, including residential and commercial properties

  • Mezzanine Financing Agreements

    Formation of private funds that provide mezzanine loans to developers for the capital element required by the developer to obtain bank financing for Real Estate projects

  • Residential Properties

    Legal representation of our private clients in their sale or purchase of residential properties

  • Investment consulting

    Consultation to investment firms and private clients with regards to potential real estate investments in Israel