Trusts & Estate

The members of our private client, trusts and estates practice group take pride in maintaining long term relationships with our private clients and derive great satisfaction from seeing these relationships carry on for many years. In this capacity we work closely with family members and act as their trusted advisors, helping them achieve their private and commercial goals in Israel and overseas. From a legal standpoint, family assets and resources are extremely sensitive, and therefore must be handled wisely, with utmost professionalism and care. At Michael Hunter & Partners Law Office, our goal is to help our international and Israeli clients achieve their wealth preservation and succession planning goals in the best and most efficient manner.

Our private client, trusts and estates services include:

  • Trusts: 

    Legal consultation to private clients and trustees regarding the establishment of various types of trusts and foundations and the benefits and detriments of each type, legal consultation to trustees, protectors and settlors during the life of a trust, comprehensive trust management and more

  • Wills & Estate Planning:

    All aspects of estate planning, including decisions regarding whether assets should be part of an estate or placed into a trust or foundation, and the preparation and drafting of wills for assets it is decided are to be included in an estate

  • Probate and Inheritance Orders:

    Obtaining probate orders and, in cases that the deceased did not leave a will, inheritance orders, both in Israel and overseas with the assistance of local counsel

  • Estate management:

    Estate management for underage beneficiaries and other categories of beneficiaries that the deceased sought to protect through the provisions of their will, legal representation in estate-related business transactions, succession planning and management, litigation concerning inheritance and more

  • Wealth management:

    Assisting private clients and trustees effectively manage Israeli and foreign assets taking into account factors such as financial solvency, taxation and diverse family needs

  • Voluntary disclosures:

    Assisting private clients and trustees report undeclared assets in voluntary disclosure programs in Israel and overseas with the assistance of local counsel

  • When planning for your and your family’s future, it is critical to receive counsel from experienced advisors who have spent years solving the types of issues you are facing. For more information on our services, phone us at (972) 03 566 5665 or send an email to